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Keyc - Mankato News, Weather, Sports - - Woodworking Nun Shares Inspirational Talent

Making a huge mess in the studio. But it's just another day, for this woodworking sister. "It's a wonderful gift I've been given and I'm happy to share." Because there's no measure, for this different kind of habit. "I try to take the images of the gospel or the Psalms and put a little twist on it, kind of a modern twist." She's twisted, carved, and sawed more than 1,000 pieces. All through divine inspiration: "God multiplies the good and feeds in me the multitude." Leaving those who take in the beauty of the creation to be left in awe. "God is working in their lives and I think they're looking at the art, they clicking here take time to reflect and then it enters into their own story." But her story goes back more than 25 years ago, when she chose to enter the convent rather than attend college. "There's another way I can teach." Using her hands to craft her message after a simple woodshop class uncovered a hidden talent.
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New Rockler Jig Simplifies Drawer Slide Installations

Drawer Slide Jig Once the slide is locked in place, the user then presses the jig guide against the face of the cabinet, which levels and squares the slide and positions it with the proper setback. Cutouts in the jig body allow access for drill and driver bits as the user secures the slide with screws. Once the slide is fastened, the user slides the locking wedge open, which releases the jig from the newly installed slide. "The Universal Drawer Slide Jig simplifies every step necessary to install http://woodworkingdesigntips.info/quickest-woodworking-classes-in-tredyffrin/ drawer slides accurately," says Steve Krohmer, Rockler's vice president of product marketing and strategy. "From alignment to leveling to spacing, this jig does it all. It's a big time and frustration saver for anyone who needs to install drawer slides." An adjustable indexing rod can be extended from the top or bottom of the jig to set slide height settings to ensure each pair of slides will share perfect lateral alignment.
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High-Tech Furniture Maker Has Big-Time Clients ? Some In High Places - Hartford Courant

PHONE: 534-6911, visit parksandrec.polk-county.net CHESS, GAMES CAMPS Lakeland For students entering first through ninth grades. Chess Knights provides instruction in all phases of the game. Games of Strategy introduces students to many board games of skill. Instructor Mark Williams. WHEN: Chess Knights, 8 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. July 13-17. Games of Strategy, 8 a.m.
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Shop teacher: School fired me for pointing out safety issues - Yahoo News

Associated Press Klien and other officials did not return several calls seeking comment. An assistant said woodworking bench tops Klien was traveling in Washington, D.C., and would not be available to respond until Monday. According to the lawsuit, after meeting with Day, the school hired a safety consultant who conducted a mock safety inspection. The inspectors found numerous federal safety violations and recommended the school shut down the shop because it was "an unsafe working/learning environment with a number of very serious safety compliance hazards for both students and employees." Day said a week after the inspection, he was called into a meeting with the school's principal and received a critical performance review.
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Polk County Calendar of Children Events (April 25) | TheLedger.com

While her company loses some business to customers who are not in a rush, "there's enough work to be done domestically, especially if you don't have time," she said. "Our manufacturing is 100 percent here" in Plainville, she said, although she purchases metal, glass and lighting components to fashion them to the designers' specifications. Although architects' plans used to be detailed enough to use as working drawings, today their focus is largely on the technical features, including heating, ventilation and electrical systems. At Modern Woodcrafts, a team of 12 people in the drafting department who work in a recessed area Fekete calls "the pit" use computers to convert the architect's plans to shop drawings.
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